Nanzoin Temple

Last Sunday I went to meet up with one of my exchange partners. We made food at her place for us and her roommate plus boyfriend. That was really fun. So Japanese lunch and German pancakes as dessert. And afterwards she asked me if I wanted to go visit a temple with a famous reclined […]

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Setsubun is the change of season in Japan. At the end of winter demons come out and are chased away by people throwing beans at them. There are some traditions like for new years as well. You have to eat a whole roll (and by that I mean a whole length, not just the one […]

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Getting to know the neighbourhood

Most of the jet-lag has dissipated and a somewhat normal daily rhythm has ensued. The bags are now completely unpacked and the room properly tidied up, it no longer looks like a crime scene. The first days in Japan were quite intense – a completely new language, ridiculously polite people, strange sounds, signs and characters […]

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Toka Ebisu Festival

During this festival around one million people go to the shrine of Ebisu to pray for good luck and commercial success in the New Year. Our school organized an event for us during that four day festival. We started the day by pounding mochi. You might know these glutenous riceballs, but maybe like me you haven’t […]

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Nagasaki school trip

Before we even had our first day at school we went to Nagasaki with some of the other students, because the 2nd of January is a national holiday. We got there in a tourist bus and had around 5 hours to explore the city on our own. On our way to the first temple we […]

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First day at school

On our first day at school, we had special culture lessons instead of language courses. Apparently the third of January still counts as new year holiday. We got the special new years food to try and were explained the meanings behind it. For example you eat golden chestnuts to have enough money the next year (not […]

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Finally there

Quite some hours of sitting crammed in an airplane, we’ve arrived in our cozy apartment. Balcony, paper sliding doors and way to low ceilings for Manne. This is my new favourite spot, the sun shines right onto the bed. Warm enough to sleep with the door open. At least during the day. We’ve managed to […]

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