Nagasaki school trip

Before we even had our first day at school we went to Nagasaki with some of the other students, because the 2nd of January is a national holiday. We got there in a tourist bus and had around 5 hours to explore the city on our own.

On our way to the first temple we passed the glasses bridge. Apparently the oldest stone bridge in Japan? Nagasaki? I don’t remember, but it is around 350 years old. There in the river were koi carps and a turtle swimming freely.

This temple is a Chinese one. Build to convince someone that the Chinese were still worshipping some god, as far as I remember. From there we wanted to go to another temple but decided to take a small detour to see a statue on the mountain behind. For that we had to go through a maze of graveyards (it was so huge it must have been several one grown together, also there were about 10 different temples under them).

This is just the beginning. But more or less all the graves look like this in different stages of aging. The statue wasn’t all that impressive but we got a good look over the city. And on our way back down we really got trapped in the graveyard maze. After some backtracking and really shaky knees (from the walk down, not because it was scary) we decided to skip the second temple and just go to eat sth in Chinatown.

We got some bao on the street but decided the restaurants there were too expensive and only tourist traps (the koi in the picture above were in front of one of these), so we went to a nearby shopping district and into a random ramen shop. It turned out to be the perfect decision as the ramen was just fantastic. Definitely the best ramen I had so far and probably pretty hard to beat.

After that it was mostly going back to the bus and a bit of waiting in a cafe. The tour leaders had told us that they would wait and everybody not back in time would have to get back on their own. So I got pretty nervous when I saw all our fellow travelers marching to the bus on the other side of the street, since traffic light cycles can easily be up to a minute or two here in Japan. But we managed 🙂

Here also in a few moving pictures:


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