Toka Ebisu Festival

During this festival around one million people go to the shrine of Ebisu to pray for good luck and commercial success in the New Year. Our school organized an event for us during that four day festival. We started the day by pounding mochi.


You might know these glutenous riceballs, but maybe like me you haven’t really thought about how they are made. Well, it’s easy, you take a big bowl, put some rice in it and then you pound it. Until it’s all sticky and a big mass. From that you make small balls and roll them in flour or different flavour powders.

We were actually filmed during that event (like with real television cameras and stuff) and I was interviewed (in Japanese o(≧∇≦o) ). They’ll show it on TV, but I don’t know if we can find that clip somewhere.


After that very exiting event at school we went to the Toka Ebisu Shrine where already some people were walking around and also queueing for a lottery. The queue actually went around three blocks and was organised by uniformed people marking the end and also dividing the queue at corners, so that people could pass. Very impressive.


We didn’t care much for the lottery and walked around the area, having a look at the different foods at maybe 300 stalls. Quite some weird candy and interesting foods. Sadly we missed the geisha parade by minutes but otherwise, it was quite fun.


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