Getting to know the neighbourhood

Most of the jet-lag has dissipated and a somewhat normal daily rhythm has ensued. The bags are now completely unpacked and the room properly tidied up, it no longer looks like a crime scene. The first days in Japan were quite intense – a completely new language, ridiculously polite people, strange sounds, signs and characters wherever you go in the city. There are many things to get used to and to discover, and these are but a few.

Getting to know the immediate area has been one of the more important tasks at hand, not only to find where you can buy onigiri at any time of the day, but also to find the nice markets that offer everything we need to survive the day.


Right next to us is the Yanagibashi fish market, which offers anything that lives in the sea for various prices ranging from “normal” fish prices, to items at the price of a car, such as sides of tuna or a bundle of king crab legs.


Around this market, there are stores/grocers that cater to restaurants and offer really cool things and tools (apart from food) such as really nice kitchen knifes, hones, proper tamagoyaki/takoyaki frying pans, gas burners, dishes, or whatever you need to start a restaurant from absolute scratch. The down-side is that sometimes, the smallest available packages come in industrial/family sizes, such as 2 liters of soy-sauce, 500 pairs of chopsticks or 2 kg of dried shiitake.

20170114_120017 Kopie.jpg

Basically, soy-sauce now goes into anything we eat or drink… soy-sauce is life.

We have yet not started to explore what the local restaurants are like, but as many of them seem full with locals most of the time, I’m hoping that they’ll be up to snuff.



2 thoughts on “Getting to know the neighbourhood

  1. Everything looks so clean and colorful! Have you figured out yet what the locals have for breakfast? Soy Sauce, fish and rice? ;D
    Enjoy the variety of food that is available to you, especially the fish!

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