Nanzoin Temple

Last Sunday I went to meet up with one of my exchange partners. We made food at her place for us and her roommate plus boyfriend. That was really fun. So Japanese lunch and German pancakes as dessert. And afterwards she asked me if I wanted to go visit a temple with a famous reclined Buddha.


By the way according to wikipedia maybe the biggest bronze statue in the world. Of course that sounded like a fun idea and we went there. It was a bit outside of Fukuoka in the countryside, between the mountains. We had perfect weather as well.


I actually don’t know what these are but they looked interesting. The temple had some different locations, the statue, arches and shrines in the forest and a pond with koi and places where you could get fortune slips and such.


We had a short prayer at the shrine for the god for studying. The procedure at those shrines is interesting. You have to wash your hands (and according to what I’ve read also your mouth, but so far the Japanese I’ve watched didn’t do it either) in a specific way. First you wash the left hand with the right, then the right hand with the left (then maybe wash your mouth) and then rinse the ladle with the remaining water.


The prayer then goes approximately like this: you throw some money (normally 5 yen) in the box, ring the bell, and then clap your hands twice and silently say your prayer. And according to my language exchange partner, those gods do understand English. So far praying in Japanese would be a but difficult.


I’ve never gotten a fortune slip before, but these ones are special. They are blank when you choose them and you have to put them into water to reveal the writing. That was really fun. It seems like I’m average lucky. Good enough, I guess.

Also on the bridge to the temple you could play some music as you can see in the video



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